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Marathon Bombing Survivors React To Tsarnaev's Apology

BOSTON (CBS) - It was too little too late from the marathon bomber for Liz Norden whose two sons lost a limb that day. She's not ready to accept his courtroom apology.

"I think he was looking for mercy for himself," she tells WBZ-TV. "There'll never be closure. I watch my sons put on a leg every day. There are good days and bad days. Letting go of this chapter is important for me, it really consumed my life."

Norden is among the survivors expressing surprise that Tsarnaev addressed the courtroom when offered a chance to speak. It may be a chapter closed, but the pain inflicted by Tsarnaev will forever be felt by the survivors and victims' families.

Their words pierced the courtroom during victim impact statements. "I would like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to know that he did not break me," said survivor Heather Abbott.

From the father of Martin Richard who died from the bomb planted by Tsarnaev, "He chose hate, he close destruction. He chose death, this is all on him. We choose love, we choose kindness, we chose peace. That is what makes us different from him."

Officer Dic Donohue, injured during the manhunt for the brothers, doubts Tsarnaev was truly remorseful, and says he can't turn a switch and find forgiveness. "After seeing months of no remorse and no regret it's tough to tell and get inside his mind and find out," said Donahue. "We locked eyes a couple of times. He knew I was speaking about what happened to me, to my family and friends. I was happy to get in a few words to let him and the world know what I've been through the last two years plus."

As Tsarnaev was whisked away by U.S. Marshals out of public view, the father of Krystle Campbell hopes this ending will somehow help. "I hope everybody can heal from this point forward. I hope everybody heals a little better," he tells WBZ-TV.

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