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Man dies after being struck by car in Foxboro

Man struck by car, killed in Foxboro
Man struck by car, killed in Foxboro 01:57

FOXBORO - A man was struck by a car and killed on Cocasset Street in Foxboro Saturday morning. 

The Foxboro Police Department said they received a call for a pedestrian struck at 10:45am where Cocasset meets Oak Street. There is a crosswalk at that intersection, but it is unclear exactly where the pedestrian was struck. 

Police said when they arrived, they found a male pedestrian had been hit. He was taken to the hospital where he later died. Police have only identified the victim as a resident of Foxboro. The 35-year-old driver of the car is also from Foxboro, according to police, and is cooperating with investigators.

By the time the sun set Saturday, the only things left at the scene were candles on the side of the road. Those who live along Oak Street tell WBZ-TV's Brandon Truitt Cocasset Street is heavily traveled and prone for accidents. 

"I mean it is just awful," said one neighbor who did not want to be identified. "I would say we hear about car accidents there more than pedestrians. I do not feel super comfortable as a pedestrian crossing over there." 

Foxboro pedestrian crash
A man was struck and killed by a car on Cocasset Street in Foxboro CBS Boston

Zia Khurshaed has lived in the adjacent neighborhood for years and said, "It can be tough because cars are coming from all over and there is no light over there. Even for cars it's not easy when it is very busy." 

Neighbors said the crosswalk was installed within the last couple of years but felt that more needed to be done to ensure safety at the intersection. 

Every neighbor WBZ spoke with, both on and off camera, is calling for a traffic light to be installed at the intersection. Multiple neighbors told us they see a car accident at the intersection about once a month. 

"If we could have a controlled traffic light over there, that would be really helpful," said Khurshaed. 

Foxboro Police have not filed any charges.

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