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Mac Jones confident that Patriots will solve offensive issues: "I'm gonna figure it out"

David Andrews calls post-practice meeting as offensive struggles continue for Patriots
David Andrews calls post-practice meeting as offensive struggles continue for Patriots 01:43

BOSTON -- There's been no way of sugarcoating the fact that the new Patriots' offense has looked rough in the early goings of training camp. But quarterback Mac Jones isn't worried.

As Jones sees it, the offense just needs a 2 percent improvement before it's really firing on all cylinders.

"Yeah I think every day you watch the film, and it's that 2 percent like I was talking about," Jones said Tuesday after practice in Foxboro. "We're close and we just gotta get there and buy in and trust it and just what we're supposed to do and just do our job."

While the positive growth hasn't always been evident to outside observers, Jones insisted that the entire offense has been improving in terms of understanding the schematics involved with each play. He admitted that the consistency hasn't been where it needs to be, of course, but he's not worried about that.

"Yeah, I mean, I'm gonna figure it out," the second-year QB declared. "I always have and I always will. And at the end of the day, you're gonna have your ups and downs with anything new, but I've learned a lot of different systems and the guys around me have too. We know what football looks like. We know what a good play looks like and the schematics behind it. It's not just the result; it's the process of how it looks. ... At the end of the day, when I walk on the field and there's 10 people that look into my eyes, I know that they're gonna trust me to do the right thing on game day."

With the offensive line having its fair share of hiccups, Jones also express his public confidence in the men in charge of both protecting him and creating running lanes.

"I have all the trust in the world in those guys [on the offensive line]," Jones said. "Like I said, the communication needs to improve, and we did a good job of that today. It's the 2 percent that we're trying to get to."

While fans in attendance at training camp have caught some glimpses of the offense's progress, the rest of the world will get a better look on Thursday night during the preseason opener.

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