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Slick Road Conditions Made For Slow Travel Monday Morning

LOWELL (CBS) -- Driving conditions in Lowell were tough Monday morning after about nine inches of snow fell in the city. Multiple cars were slipping and sliding along backroads in order to get to their caffeine fix at Dunkin'.

"I was trying to get in and I was sliding everywhere so I had to go around," said one woman in the Dunkin' parking lot.

The parking lot at Dunkin' in Lowell tested drivers Monday morning (WBZ-TV)

Among the cars getting stuck early Monday: an ambulance, fortunately with no one inside.

Neighbors came out of their homes to help.

"I ran right out with a couple of shovels and I was like 'let me help you out.' Another guy came with a bag of rock salt and we eventually got them out but thankfully, no one was inside of the ambulance that was my biggest concern," said one man.

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Ashley Faria, a dispatcher, also had to dig out her own car to get to work.

"Not happy. I don't like the snow -- but we need a white Christmas," she said.

Others were excited to see the snow.

"It was great, it's money. Money. Money," said one man who spent the night plowing.

Drivers appreciate the crews who are out working hard, but said roads are still slick and people should take it slow.

"They're trying their best to clean up but it's really bad, people should really be careful," a woman said.

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