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'She Laughed': TSA Finds Knives Hidden Inside Woman's Knee Brace At Logan Airport

BOSTON (CBS) – A woman tried to carry four knives onto a plane at Boston's Logan Airport by hiding them in her knee brace Wednesday, the TSA said.

The agency said the British citizen who was set to board a flight to Paris arrived at security in a wheelchair and put her knee brace on a checkpoint conveyor belt.

A TSA officer observed "knife-like" items on the X-ray monitor.

"When the TSA officers asked the woman what was inside the knee brace, she laughed," the TSA said in a statement. "Upon closer inspection, TSA officers uncovered four table knives artfully concealed in the neoprene-style knee brace."

Knives hidden inside the knee brace at Logan Airport (Photo credit: TSA)

Authorities confiscated the knives, and the London resident was denied boarding. Massachusetts State Police and the airline have been notified of the incident.

"I can assure you that trying to artfully conceal any sort of weapon in an effort to get it onto an airplane is no laughing matter," said Robert Allison, TSA's federal security director for Massachusetts, in a statement.

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