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'Leominster Icons': Two Baby Lambs Disappear From Farm

LEOMINSTER (CBS) -- A Leominster farm owner is fearing the worst after two of his baby lambs disappeared this week.

Keith Kopley of Kalon Farms has two working theories. The little animals were only about one-and-a-half-weeks-old, which would make them easy for an animal, or a person, to catch.

According to Kopley, the lambs were in a 30-acre fenced-in field at Kalon Farms. There are some areas along the fence that seem to be dug out -- potential evidence that a coyote was the culprit.

But, Kopley has also received reports that there was a woman with purple hair in the area recently and a black SUV was spotted nearby.

Missing baby lambs (Photo Courtesy: Keith Kopley)

Therefore, the disappearance of the lambs is being investigated by the Department of Health and the Leominster Mayor's Office.

The birth of the lambs was the talk of the town and Mayor Dean Mazzarella even referred to the young as "Leominster icons."

Mazzarella also told WBZ-TV that they would be sending up a drone to search the area Saturday. He remains hopeful that the lambs will be found.


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