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Leicester Police Warn Residents After Recent Bear Sightings

LEICESTER (CBS) – Police are warning Leicester residents to be on the lookout for bears after multiple sightings have been reported in recent days.

Leicester police said residents have spotted bears in the area of Pleasant Street from Franklin Street to Newfield Street.

Among the animals seen in the town was a large bear that a resident said had a tracking collar.

Police said another resident saw a larger bear accompanied by a cub climb a tree next to an occupied home.

Massachusetts Environmental Police have been notified about the recent string of bear sightings.

Anyone who sees a bear in their neighborhood in town is asked to call the Leicester Police Department or the Leicester Animal Control Officer.

In addition, Leicester police passed along information from the state wildlife website.

"If a bear is sighted in town, leave the animal alone. In most situations, if left alone, the bear will return to the forest (woods) on its own," the state says. "Keep dogs under control. Stay away from the bear and advise others to do the same. Often a bear will climb a tree to avoid people. A gathering of people not only stresses the animal, but it adds the risk of having a bear chased out into traffic or into a group of bystanders."

This is not the first time a bear has been spotted in Leicester. In 2013 a resident snapped a picture of a bear in their back yard.


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