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I-Team: Inmate Claims Aaron Hernandez Told Him About 4th Killing

BOSTON (CBS) – The WBZ I-Team obtained a never before seen interview with Kyle Kennedy, an inmate who says he had an intimate and romantic relationship with former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez behind bars.

Kennedy wasn't shy about sharing details about their conversations in a jailhouse interview with Dylan Howard, the author of a new book about Hernandez. He dropped a bombshell claiming Aaron told him about a 4th killing.

Kennedy met with Howard at Souza Baranowski Correctional Facility, the state's maximum security prison. Covered in tattoos and wearing prison scrubs, he told Howard that Aaron said he got "4 bodies."

Howard, a tabloid journalist who has written many Hollywood articles says he was able to establish a credible lead that Hernandez was potentially involved with a 4th murder, telling the I-Team if Aaron killed four people he was a serial killer.

Kyle Kennedy
Kyle Kennedy (WBZ-TV)

In the book, "Aaron Hernandez's Killing Fields," Howard says he spoke to investigators, witnesses, police and relatives of Hernandez's victims. Kennedy told the author Hernandez's sexuality was a dark secret and that he confided in him, telling him things he couldn't talk to anyone about.

Howard says Kennedy agreed to talk and tell his story, and says after Hernandez's death he was denied the opportunity to be publicly acknowledged as his romantic partner and claims Hernandez left him a suicide note.

At one point Kennedy said Hernandez confessed to the 2013 Boston double murder – which he was acquitted of, claiming he committed the murder because he felt disrespected, and waited for the victims, only intending to kill the passenger in the drive by shooting.

Kennedy says even though Aaron told him details of the murders he would have been prepared to lie on the stand at trial. Hernandez never testified. Kennedy says he himself has lied on the stand about 100 times.

Killing Fields
Cover of "Aaron Hernandez's Killing Fields" (WBZ-TV)

Kennedy also claims Hernandez told him why he killed Odin Lloyd, saying he wasn't loyal to him and couldn't trust him.

But Hernandez did trust Kennedy who said the media made him look like a monster.

His suicide left many unanswered questions including why he took his own life. Kennedy says he was a tortured soul who wanted to be himself in his own skin. And that the two talked about being together once they got out of prison.

Since this interview, Kennedy has been released from prison. Howard is now working on a documentary based on his book.

About the Book Author: Dylan Howard is a Hollywood reporter and tabloid journalist. He has written for several magazines and has a podcast.

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