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'Never Give Up On Your Dream': BPD Officer Kim Tavares Releases Album, Performs In UK

BOSTON (CBS) – Kim Tavares has been a Boston police officer for 20 years, but she has never been one to be pigeonholed by labels.

I noticed Kim a couple of years ago singing with her partner Stephen McNulty. "Stephen is classically trained, he really is, he knows what note it is," Tavares said. "I've never taken any lessons."

They were great. Clean, pure voices, and I thought, get out of uniform, and go perform. Well, Kim has done just that.

Earlier this month, Kim was asked to travel to England to perform songs from her CD that she produced under the name Kim Tavar.

"It's always been about lyrics for me, never really about the style of music," Tavares said.

All the songs on the CD were written and composed by Tavares. All while being a Boston Police officer.

"No matter what you do for work, never give up on your dream at all," Tavares said. "I'm not afraid of change. How will I know that I could make it in this music business if I don't give it a try."

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