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3 Dogs From Tornado-Ravaged Kentucky Now Up For Adoption In Massachusetts

DEDHAM (CBS) – Three dogs - Bowinkle, Rosemary and Goldie - just arrived in Massachusetts from Kentucky where tornadoes devastated several communities last month.

They were moved out of shelters there to make room for dogs misplaced by the storms who will be reunited with their owners.

"The immediate work was to take homeless dogs that were currently in shelters and didn't have owners or homes and move them out of those municipal shelters into another facility to open up space for animals who are misplaced and would need to be reunited with their owners sometime down the road when they got settled," said Mike DeFina, media relations officer for the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

That's why last week, the Animal Rescue League of Boston welcomed these three playful pups to their facility in Dedham.

"To be able to lend a hand in some small way, just to make the job on the ground a little easier, kind of take some of the pressure and the burden off of them and take in these three dogs and find them loving homes, I think for us has been incredibly gratifying," said DeFina.

They're all mixed breeds between two and five years old. They've all had thorough medical exams, they're spayed and neutered, microchipped and evaluated behaviorally. Now, they are ready to be adopted.

"Their ideal situation is kind of a nice, fenced-in backyard," said DeFina. "They're going to want to get out and run. They're overly friendly, they're very sweet. They're going to make fantastic pets."

ARL Boston says they will work hard to find the perfect matches for these three and will do what they can to help more dogs find forever homes.

"Folks in Kentucky are still reeling from this natural disaster and any little thing that we can do to help, we're certainly ready, willing and able to do so, and perhaps we could see more dogs from that region in the future," said DeFina.

If you're interested in adopting, check out the Animal Rescue League of Boston's website.

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