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Beverly Woman Who Lost Daughter To Cancer Will Donate Kidney To 13-Year-Old Boy

BEVERLY (CBS) - The gift of a lifetime, tying two families forever. What could be more generous, more valuable than the gift of life?

"Who wants to see a sick kid? Or have a child suffer?" said Kamie Fessenden of Beverly.

Next month, Kamie will donate a kidney to her childhood friend's son, Nikolas. It will save the 13-year-old from suffering and dialysis. He's also legally blind.

"He has absolutely no energy at all. If he goes outside for 15 minutes, we're super happy we got that 15 minutes," explained Nikolas' dad, Matt Hourican.

Kamie Fessenden
Nikolas and Kamie (Family photo)

The two families have known each other a long time - back to when the adults were kids. But the voice in Kamie's heart, driving her to do this, could only be one person.

"She loved going to the beach. Riley was pretty much the happiest kid ever," Kamie said.

Kamie lost her Riley to a rare cancer in 2016. She was diagnosed when she was just six, and endured more than 100 rounds of radiation and much chemotherapy.

"Nothing could be done to help her but I'm just grateful I'm able to help Nikolas," Kamie said.

Riley and Nikolas were the same age; even in the same class at school.

"I don't typically believe in things like that, but with this, it's 100% just the way it's supposed to be," Matt Hourican added.

An angel watching over both Beverly families, always.

"I think she would really appreciate the fact that I'm doing this for Nikolas," Kamie said.

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