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Jones: Patriots Can't Be Complacent This Offseason

BOSTON (CBS) - 98.5 The Sports Hub's Adam Jones set the table Thursday night looking ahead to what kind of personnel moves the Patriots need to make to repeat as Super Bowl champions.

Seattle came close to repeating as champs this past season, but it hasn't been done since the 2003-04 Patriots. It's hard to do, so how do you do it?

The last time New England repeated they were able to make a big splash and bring in Corey Dillon for the second Super Bowl season. Rather than being complacent, maybe bringing in another big piece from the outside is the key to another repeat in 2015.

"I wonder if the Patriots need to make another Corey Dillon-type move. Don't stand pat, don't be happy with what you've accomplished, and send that message to the team. On some level, [repeating as champions] is a motivating factor for that team," said Jones. "Send that message, like, 'Hey fellas, we're going for it again this year. We added another big gun, we added another piece from outside the organization, and hopefully that piece will not be complacent.'"

Jones adds that if the Patriots bring back All Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis then they should be the favorites to repeat, because the roster is still loaded with talent.

But Jones contends that a major move, like Corey Dillon in 2004, all but ensures complacency won't be a problem.

"Maybe they do need a big piece from outside the organization -- a big move -- to really put this team over the top. I think their roster is going to be pretty good. If they retain Revis they don't have a lot of holes. Their roster is set. But I wonder, I think the 2004 offseason was instructive. They didn't stand pat. They went out and got Corey Dillon, and that helped put the team over the top."

Listen below for the full segment:

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