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Jones: Darrelle Revis Contract Situation Coming To A Head

BOSTON (CBS) - 98.5 The Sports Hub's Adam Jones opened his show Monday night talking about New England's Week 15 win over Miami, a 41-13 drubbing Sunday afternoon at Gillette Stadium.

The win sealed the Patriots' sixth straight division title, and Jones believes they'll win out and earn the No. 1 overall seed in the AFC -- a win on Sunday in New York against the Jets means the Patriots can clinch a first round bye.

After recapping the game, Jones dived into a discussion about a situation coming to a head in New England: the Darrelle Revis contract.

If you're like Michael Felger and think "the salary cap is crap," then the Revis contract will do nothing to sway your belief, because his deal is a lot of funny money and can give you a popsicle headache to figure out.

Revis signed a two-year deal with the Patriots in March, with the second year added to help soften the blow and make the 2014 cap figure more tolerable.

Revis will earn $12 million for the 2014 season ($7 million cap hit), but the second year is when things get tricky. It's a team option that must be picked up before the end of the 2014 league year, and will pay Revis $20 million for 2015 with a cap hit of $25 million. (Confused? You can read the full contract breakdown here)

That's a lot of money, but there's no question he's worth it with the impact he's having on the defense this year:

"I just think the more you watch [Revis], the more it's obvious that you need to re-sign him -- and I think the Patriots will. I just have a real hard time believing that Bill Belihcick is going to see Darrelle Revis up close and then turn around and not pony up the money," said Jones.

Because the second year option must be exercised prior to the conclusion of the 2014 league year, Jones always felt like that little detail would push the two sides together and back to the negotiating table, but so far (to everyone's knowledge) that has not been the case.


Listen below for the full discussion:


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