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Is Jayson Tatum A Little Bit Taller? Donovan Mitchell Isn't Buying It

BOSTON (CBS) -- NBA players aren't playing basketball at the moment, with the 2020-21 season still just over a week away from tipping off. While they're in the middle of a brief and quick training camp, players still have plenty of free time on their hands.

That has left them ample opportunity to have some fun on social media. On Sunday night, that fun involved Jayson Tatum's apparent offseason growth spurt.

Tatum is looking pretty bulked up heading into the new season, but it's not just his arms that look bigger. Celtics head coach Brad Stevens alluded to Tatum coming into this season a little bit taller on Sunday, saying the star forward has grown to 6-foot-10.

Tatum was listed at 6-foot-8 last season, so those two added inches are bad news for the rest of the NBA. But his buddy in Utah, Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell, questioned Stevens' measurements on Sunday evening.

Tatum was quick to point out that he's now in his fourth year of being a 19-year-old rising star, and is still a growing boy.

Tatum may be listed as 22, but he will always be 19 in the hearts of Celtics fans. He'll be making his speech at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield and Boston fans will still consider Tatum a 19-year-old.

Jaylen Brown had the final say in the height debate though, throwing the entire universe on its head:

We'll see if the NBA updates Tatum's measurements at some point ahead of the season, which should solve the great mystery of his height. But if Tatum really is a little bit bigger from last season, as he looks from the scenes in Celtics training camp, expect even bigger things from the rising star.

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