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Jaylen Brown Shows Off A Vicious Crossover During Pick-Up Game In Egypt

BOSTON (CBS) -- Jaylen Brown is traveling the world with his family this offseason and enjoying some vacation time in Egypt. But the gym rat he is, Brown is still finding time to hit the court and stay fresh for next season.

That, or it's just a convenient excuse to show off his moves.

Brown joined a pick-up game at Cairo American College and flashed an absolutely filthy crossover on an unfortunate soul who was tasked with guarding the Celtics guard one-on-one. While trying to defend an NBA player by yourself in a pickup game is an admirable move, it usually isn't a wise one.

After lulling the kid to sleep with a few between the leg dribbles, Brown went between the kid's legs before nearly breaking his ankles, calmly draining an open jumper:

Ruthless. Yes, Brown did do his best James Harden impression on the step-back, but anything goes on the pick-up court. (And in some cases, the NBA.)

Brown has been having quite the summer, posting a handful of images from his trip to Egypt on his Instagram account:

It's a shame Brown isn't currently showing off his flashy dribbles in the NBA Finals, but at least the 22-year-old is staying fresh for next season while exploring the world.

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