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'Aggressive' Pit Bull Located After Biting Owner, Running Away

HYANNIS (CBS) -- A Hyannis man is recovering after being attacked and bitten by his new pit bull just hours after getting him. "The report I got from police on scene is that he had some puncture marks," Barnstable Animal Control officer Charlie Lewis said.

Lewis says the entire incident unfolded early Tuesday morning when Barnstable Police responded to 40 Anthony Drive. He says the man was bitten by the dog named Zeus while trying to protect his girlfriend and her baby.

"The people and the dog were in a small space. The dog began growling so the gentleman got between the young lady and dog and gotten bitten in the arms, and he forced the dog out of the room they were in and dog was on the run," Lewis said.

Barnstable police and a Hyannis ambulance respond to an aggressive pit bull (WBZ-TV)

The man was taken to the hospital as Police made a robo-call warning neighbors about the pit bull on the loose. After police attended to the man who was bitten they then tried to catch the dog who was gone throughout the night. Early Tuesday morning animal control captured the dog thanks to its original owner.

Lewis says he and the dog's original owner drove around all morning looking for the dog until they spotted him near the highway. "She called for the dog and came out of hiding and we put him under quarantine," Lewis said.

The two-year-old pit bull did not have a license but does have its rabies shot. "We monitor the dog to make sure it's not displaying rabies so it's under house quarantine," Lewis said.

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