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Credit Card Skimming Device Found On Hingham Gas Pump

HINGHAM (CBS) – Police are asking all gas stations in Hingham to check for credit card skimming devices after one was found this week on a self-service gas pump.

Hingham Police said the device, which is used to record and store credit card information, was found Wednesday on a pump at the Gulf station on Lincoln Street.

A technician who had been called to repair the credit card machine discovered the skimming device.

Police believe the device was installed around Friday, Jan. 22, because that is when the credit card scanner began having connection problems.

Skimming devices are installed discretely so they cannot be seen when customers are using their credit card.

Hingham Police urge customers to protect themselves from skimming devices by using the pump closest to the attendant, paying inside, and paying with a credit card instead of a debit card.

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