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Police: Man Hid Cameras In Air Fresheners To Spy On Friends, Family

YORK, Maine (CBS) -- York Police say a man used cameras hidden inside air fresheners to spy on friends and family with whom he was sharing a vacation home.

Joseph McGrath, 32 of East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, is charged with violation of privacy after authorities said he illegally recorded 15 people, including three children, during the stay.

hidden cameras york maine air fresheners
One of the air fresheners York Police say McGrath hid a camera in. (York Police Department)

"One of the other people staying at the house at that time actually approached me at that time actually approached me and said, 'Hey, you know there are cameras hidden in all the bathrooms, we're getting out of here'," said neighbor Greg Fillas. "It's kinda wild, and it's creepy, too."

Police found four cameras disguised as air fresheners in the house's bathrooms.

hidden cameras york maine air fresheners
The house where McGrath stayed with family and friends. (York Police Department)

"One of the victims actually picked up the device, which would have been like a Glad air freshener, and it fell apart or it came apart," said York, Maine Police Det. Matthew Calcina. "He brought it up to everybody and they were trying to determine who did it, who placed it there."

McGrath was staying with the group, and detectives believe he came up a day early to set up the cameras.

hidden cameras york maine air fresheners
One of the air fresheners, opened to show a camera inside. (York Police Department)

"He turned it on, set it up, and you could see him setting it up and walking away and looking at it," Det. Calcina said.

The group was only renting the house for the vacation--but police said the actual homeowners are cooperating with the investigation.

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