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Worker Rescued From Collapsed Trench In Halifax

HALIFAX (CBS) -- The Halifax Fire Department and Plymouth County Technical Rescue Team rescued a man who became stuck in a collapsed trench Tuesday morning.

Rescuers extricated 50-year-old Paul Brown, who was stuck about eight feet down in the trench, after about an hour. He was taken to a medflight helicopter headed to Boston.

His brother, who was also working on the trench, began suffering chest pains after the dirt fell. He was hospitalized as well.

Firefighters said the rescue was a tricky one as they could not use any equipment to free the landscaper.

"It comes down to shoveling with small little Army shovels and five gallon buckets," Lt. Rob O'Brien said.

The trench was being dug in the yard of a home in Halifax and was related to septic system work. Brown was buried up to his chest.

O'Brien said Brown was mostly complaining of pain in his left leg.

The Plymouth County Technical Rescue Team said they were talking to Brown as they worked to rescue him.

"We just maintained the dialogue, spoke to him the whole time," said Fire Chief Jason Viveiros said. "We insured him that we were doing everything we could to get him out."

Paramedics ran an IV to the trapped Brown, as well as a heater to prevent hypothermia.

Brown was released from the hospital late Tuesday night.

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