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Gresh & Zo: Public Wants Donald Sterling Out, But What Can The NBA Really Do?

BOSTON (CBS) - Donald Sterling has allegedly been recorded saying terrible things, and has definitely garnered the attention of the rational thinking public, but at the end of the day what can the NBA really do?

Andy Gresh, Scott Zolak and Hardy decided to try and tackle the issue on the air Monday morning.

Gresh lambasted Sterling right off the bat, introducing his comments by saying, "He verbalizes something that should be unconscionable for us as humans, and even worse for a guy who owns an NBA franchise."

Listening to the clip only seemed to infuriate Gresh more, as he followed it by declaring, "In many ways Donald Sterling is like the old guy who ran the farm. '[African-Americans] are only good for working and screwing!'"

Then Hardy pointed out that his thinking is so backwards that the common human can't even comprehend his racism. He said, "The guy talks, and acts and lives a lifestyle that I don't think any of us have any understanding of the way he thinks."

Zolak interjected, "You can't even put this guy as a character in a movie! You couldn't cast this guy any worse!"

"You wouldn't believe him!" Hardy added. But then he raised the question, "As reprehensible, and evil, and flat out wrong as he is, how do you get him out of the league?"

The issue that was raised is freedom of speech, and whether or not it is applicable in this situation.

To this they turned to Magic Johnson's tweets, and his suggestion of a boycott.

Hardy said that, "That's how you're going to have to get at him."

He pointed out that Sterling has been sued before, and could probably buy himself out. The only way to get at him is to stop attending, and wait for sponsors to drop the Clippers. It'll be terrible for the players, but it might be the only effective way.

Gresh agreed with this, and said that advertisers dropping the Clippers will be the key to the entire thing. He also believes this is going to be something that will hurt the basketball team moving forward.

"If you're an African-American free agent...are you going to play for the racist?"

Time will tell.

You can listen to the entire discussion below:

What Can The NBA Really Do About Donald Sterling?



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