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Gresh, Zo & Hardy: Beckett Golfing While 'Resting' Sore Shoulder, Lat Muscle

BOSTON (CBS) -- Last week, following a 126-pitch outing in Chicago, Josh Beckett felt stiffness and soreness in his shoulder and lat muscle. The Red Sox determined on Wednesday that Beckett would not make his next start, which would have been Saturday.

However, 98.5 The Sports Hub's Hardy learned that Beckett wasn't exactly resting with those injuries. Instead, the Red Sox' injured hurler was out on the golf course.

Hardy reported that Beckett and Clay Buchholz were golfing in the area on Thursday, just days before Beckett's skipped start.

"Beckett said he had a little thing going on [pain-wise] before his start that Sunday [in Chicago] and that probably got aggravated at one point during the 126 pitches," Hardy said. "At one point he said, which I found surprising, that it was a surprise to him when Bobby Valentine came to him and said he was shutting him down and he was not going to make his next start on Saturday. Believe that if you want to. Whether that is the case or not, is it a good idea to go out and play golf? It's not the most taxing of pursuits, I'll be the first to admit that, but you know what? You use your shoulders and you use your back. There are a lot of guys who can't play because they have bad shoulders and bad backs."

Gresh & Zo discuss with Hardy what this means for Beckett, and if it will have an impact on the Red Sox, as well as getting instant reactions from fans.

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"Doesn't it seem like everything needs to be perfect for [Buchholz and Beckett] to be in their 'zone'?" Scott Zolak asked. "So why put yourself out there and give yourself a chance to tweak something?"

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