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Gresh & Zo: All Coming Together For Red Sox?

Gresh and Zo kick off Friday's show talking Red Sox and Cody Ross' walk-off, three-run homer against the White Sox Thursday night.

"I thought they were losing that game last night," said Zo. "That was huge. I know Adrian Gonzalez means a lot to this team and he's here for the long haul... I'll go as far to say the Cody Ross home run last night was bigger than Gonzalez' (Wednesday night)"

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"That was snatching victory from the claws of defeat," said Gresh. "Yesterday was the kind of moment we saw from this team in parts of '07 and parts of '04. The ability to come together in the ninth inning against all odds, where they have a bad offensive night and they find a way to win one."

"You now have momentum; you took three of four from Chicago, you're getting your offensive pieces back," said Gresh. "Tonight you have to continue to build on that momentum. It's important for this team to get the feel about itself, that in those situations they'll be OK and they can grind it out."

"Team's that tread water believe they're average. Right there, that single one swing, that moment, they're telling themselves they're more of a .750 team than a .500 team," said Zolak.

"It's this team starting to get a bit of a vibe, that when they get on a roll they can maintain some consistent level of play," said Gresh. "Part of why I want to see a win tonight is how many times have we seen them win seven of 10 and then they come back and lose five of seven? We've seen this team go up and down so much that I want to believe that what you just said is right."

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"We've seen the Red Sox have a ton of talent, do they have everything else they need to be able to win?" asks Gresh. "Can they be clutch, can they make the routine plays when they need to in order to close teams out. Can they do more than just beat up on bad teams?"

"I do believe this team is still trying to figure that out, and maybe this is the beginning of them figuring this out," said Gresh. "I want to believe that, but I'm having a tough time convincing myself."

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