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Colts Fan Gordon Hayward Once Said He 'Can't Stand' Tom Brady

BOSTON (CBS) -- Avert your eyes and ears, Boston fans. Gordon Hayward does not like Tom Brady.

It's not hard to understand why, and you really can't blame Hayward for feeling that way. The coveted NBA free agent grew up in Indianapolis, the land of Peyton Manning and the Colts, and he likely had his heart broken by No. 12 on a few different occasions over the years .

So it should really come as no surprise that last season during a Q&A with Hayley Byrnes of the Jazz's website, Hayward voiced some displeasure for the Patriots quarterback.

"I'm a Colts fan, so I can't stand him just because he plays for the Patriots," said Hayward, adding that he thinks Brady is a "good quarterback."

Tom Brady of Aaron Rodgers? by Utah Jazz on YouTube

Hey, nobody's perfect, and this won't stop the Celtics from pursuing the forward when the free agency floodgates open on July 1. They're reportedly scheduled to meet with Hayward on Monday, in hopes of landing the All-Star in what should be a busy offseason for Boston. And maybe Hayward will change his tune a little bit should he joins the Celtics, and get a chance to sit down and chat with the five-time Super Bowl champ.

Brady joined the Celtics during their free agent pitch to Kevin Durant in the Hamptons last offseason, but Danny Ainge and Company may want to leave him off the guest list for this visit.

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