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Dozens of goats up for adoption in Massachusetts: "Can be goofy and fun pets"

About 40 goats going up for adoption at fee-waived open house in Massachusetts
About 40 goats going up for adoption at fee-waived open house in Massachusetts 00:24

METHUEN - Dozens of goats are going up for adoption in Massachusetts this weekend, and you don't need to be a farmer to have one. 

Many of the available goats were among 160 animals recently rescued from a property in Ayer. The owner was charged with 30 counts of animal cruelty. Some of the other goats came from a surrender in New York.

Adoption fees waived for most goats

In total, 49 goats were brought to the MSPCA at Nevins Farm in Methuen. About 40 of them will be up for adoption Saturday at an open house. 

The available goats, which all have horns, are between 5 months and 10 years old. The goat breeds include Nigerian Dwarfs, La Manchas and Alpines. 

Adoption fees that are typically between $150 and $250 will be waived for goats that are more than 1 year old.

"We don't often waive fees for goats as they've historically been adopted pretty quickly after coming to the farm," the MSPCA's Kaycie McCarthy said in a statement. "But given the number of surrenders we've had in the last few months, our population has swelled, so we need to pull out all the stops to get these animals into the loving homes they deserve."

Goats can make good pets

Thinking of adopting a goat? McCarthy said they can be "goofy and fun pets" that like to play, climb and "sneak food like a puppy."

"People often think that they need to be experienced farmers to adopt goats, but that's not true," she said. "If they have adequate shelter for goats and are willing to learn, that's all that matters."  

The MSPCA also recommends that potential adopters check with their town to make sure they are allowed to have goats.

The open house at Nevins Farm is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. No registration is required, but anyone interested can visit the MSPCA website to learn more. 

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