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Globe Reporter On Jane Richard: 'She Is The Antidote To The Pain'

BOSTON (CBS) --- Tuesday morning, the Richard Family marked the day of remembrance by attending the wreath ceremony on Boylton Street.

Last year's attack was a defining moment for many families but the Richard family from Dorchester may have been impacted the most.

David Abel, a Boston Globe reporter, spent significant time with Bill and Denise Richard, the parents of the youngest victim to be killed in the bombings, 8-year-old Martin.

Abel's two-part series on the Richard family chronicled the family's grief as they continue to recover.

On Tuesday morning, Abel spoke with WBZ-TV's David Robichaud about what he's learned from the family and especially, Jane.

"Anyone who meets Jane will fall in love with her in a minute. She is vivacious, someone described her to me as a 'spitfire.' She is the antidote to all the pain and difficulty they've had," Abel said.

Abel said over the past six months, reporting the story, he shared a lot of tears and heartache with the family but it was Jane that always reminded them to smile.

"Often after a difficult interview, Jane would bound down the steps and with her adorable smile and great enthusiasm, would puncture the moment and pop the gravity," he said.

Abel noted the Richard Family's continued struggle with the fact their recovery and healing has been thrust into the public eye.

"Even now, it's difficult for them in some situations," Abel said. "They know their son has become a public symbol of the tragedy."



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