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Boston Police Officer Uses Mating Call On Phone To Capture Escaped Peacock

BOSTON (CBS) -- Working in the line of law enforcement, no two calls are quite the same.

"I can say that in my two years with the police department I've never had any interaction with any kind of escaped peacocks or anything like that," said Boston Police Officer Patrick Sullivan.

But Sullivan can now add a feather to his cap, after saving the day near Franklin Park Zoo. The unusual call came early Monday morning; a wild goose chase – or peacock chase, was already underway.

A Boston Police officer had to get creative to lure an escaped peacock to safety Monday morning (Photo Via Boston Police)

"I thought to myself I need to go see this. Myself and about a half dozen officers spent a very prolonged period just chasing this thing through the streets," he said.

Then, with a quick search on his cell phone, Sullivan was able to take the peacock under his wing.

Patrick Sullivan
Boston Police Officer Patrick Sullivan (WBZ-TV)

"Once he heard the mating call he just started following me. I was just walking through the streets holding my phone over my head and the peacock was following me where I go," Sullivan said. "You did see a lot of smiles and laughs. It was kind of nice. It was a lighthearted moment which isn't something you see every day."

With the bird returned safely to the zoo, Sullivan was left feeling proud as a peacock. Still, he knows it was a tease.

This peacock escaped the Franklin Park Zoo, May 11, 2020. (Photo credit: Zoo New England)

"I feel guilty for deceiving him. I know the dating scene right now in Boston is a challenge with everything going on. This peacock, like a lot of Bostonians, is going through a tough time. He just wants to get out on the streets but we are trying to encourage people to avoid doing that."

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