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'I Played It All Morning': Fortnite Fans Gather For Season 5 Launch

HOLLISTON (CBS) - It was a beautiful day in New England, so why wasn't the usual crowd gathered around the basketball hoop outside? Blame Fortnite, the wildly popular video game that just unveiled a new upgrade: Season Five.

"I love this new game. I played it all morning," said 17-year-old Matt Hughes, wearing a headset and clutching a controller in his buddy's Holliston basement. Yesterday, his friend Max Moses scoured the internet looking for leaked information about what the new version of his favorite game would include.

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"I know 5-year-olds, sometimes in games you can just tell kids are below 8-years-old. Very young kids play, but there are also people who are like 30 to 40 years old," Moses said.

At 14-year-old Aaron Zapolin's Holliston home, another group of teenagers gave the new Season Five mixed reviews, with some of them jumping up to demonstrate the signature dances Fortnite characters are seen doing throughout the game.

Fortnite's new Season Five raises concerns about the game's addiction. (WBZ-TV)

While celebrity Fortnite fans like Drake and Travis Scott have helped propel the game to unstoppable popularity, it's been a source of frustration for many parents concerned about gaming addiction.

"I think that the golden rule about video games and violent media content, is that it really seems to affect different kids differently," said child psychologist Elizabeth Englander. "If you see them staying up all night, or you see them not wanting to come to meals, or quitting the team, those are signs that things have gone a little too far."

She recommends setting limits and helping kids to balance activities, because this particular game seems to have staying power.

"They made it free, that's a definite plus," Moses said, "and this new season makes it even better."

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