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Fire Rips Through 2 Multi-Family Homes In Lynn

LYNN (CBS) - A vicious fire ripped through two multi-family homes in Lynn Wednesday night. Lynn Fire Chief Stephen Archer said firefighters were forced out of the building "because the fire was just moving too fast."

The bright orange flames and heavy smoke could be seen blocks away from Moulton Street where firefighters were battling the blaze high up on ladders.

"It very quickly engulfed the second building - 5 Moulton Street. So, right now we have two buildings going," Archer said. "A heavy body of fire was rolling through both buildings."

The heat, smoke and low visibility forced crews out of the burning buildings, but Chief Archer believes everyone got out safely.

Lynn Fire
Fire on Moulton Street in Lynn (WBZ-TV)

One bystander said the flames were just uncontrollable. "It was completely engulfed and then it went out and then it got thick black smoke, then all of sudden big old more flames came out," said Eddie Ortiz.

It re-ignited because firefighters ran into problems with the water pressure shortly after arriving.

"Any delay just gives the fire more chance to get ahead here and that's kind of the challenge that we ran into," Chief Archer said.

Crews were able to contain the flames at around 9:30.

The American Red Cross is helping more than 25 people who were displaced by the fire.

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