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'Finish Line' Play Will Tell Untold Stories Of Boston Marathon Bombings

BOSTON (CBS) - A documentary-style play about the Boston Marathon bombings, opening on Thursday, will feature the untold stories of survivors.

The play, created by Joey Frangieh and Lisa Rafferty," is called "Finish Line."

"It's exciting. You always get a little nervous and bubbly before something starts," Frangieh told WBZ-TV.

He has spent the past few weeks finalizing his third production.

Frangieh wanted to produce something that focused on the kindness and strength seen in the city during and in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks.

Marathon bombing
Boston Marathon Finish Line on Boylston St. after bombings in 2013 (WBZ-TV)

"It's a deep story but it's an important story to be told," said Frangieh. Actors will portray different survivors on the day of the bombings and following 22 minutes after the explosion.

"We don't focus on the terrorists. We don't focus on the bombing. I don't care to know about them. I certainly don't want to promote them," explained Frangieh.

Crews built the set on the second floor inside the Nonprofit Center office building located at 89 South Street, near South Street Station. The temporary theater will seat about 50.

Some of the audience members will be Boston Marathon bombing survivors. "It's going to be very interesting and emotional," said survivor Richard Webster.

Webster crossed the finish line minutes before the first explosion. "I will never forget how loud it was," described Webster. An actor will portray his response in the play.

"To relive it, every time it comes around again, either through recounting it or hearing somebody talk about it, it brings back all of those very raw feelings," said Webster.

Amy Lytle is one of the 10 actors. Actors listened to hours of audio recordings of interviews of 88 survivors.

"It's both this wealth of information that you have but also intimidating because you want to tell their story and do it justice," said Lytle.

The show ends with the 2014 marathon. The injured runners return. "You can hurt us, but you can't hurt our spirit. You can't stop us from doing what we want to do," said Frangieh.

Show performances are available from April 7th to April 23rd. Tickets are on sale for $35 each.

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