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Felger & Mazz: Wojnarowski On LeBron's Maturity, Celtics-Sixers Game 6

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports joined Felger and Massarotti on Wednesday to talk about the Pacers-Heat Series, Pat Riley's influence on LeBron James, and the Celtics-Sixers series.

What has changed with LeBron James and the Miami Heat since last year? How much influence has Pat Riley had on this Heat team?

"I think that LeBron is a lot more at peace with himself. I think his focus has been narrowed," Wojnarowski said. "I was told he's taken his cell phone and put it in the drawer; it's a little harder to get a hold of him. He's closed the world down during the playoffs and is really focused on the task at hand… he's playing out of his mind, and there is no question he is carrying the team. To me, that is the biggest difference with this group."

As for the Celtics-76ers Game 6 tonight in Philadelphia, Wojnarowski sees the series heading back to Boston for a Game 7 on Saturday night. But he does think Kevin Garnett tried to ease the attention on the C's with his "fair-weathered" fans comment after Game 5.

"I think his intentions are clear; put it on my in Game 6," he said of Garnett. "Let them get all over me, I can take it… I thought his intentions were to put the heat on himself, and that's what real leaders do.

Will it be the Celtics and Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals? Is Chris Bosh the key to the next round for Miami?

Finally, how good will the Spurs-Thunder series be out West?

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