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Felger & Mazz: What Will The Penguins Bring Tonight?

The Bruins are on the verge of heading to their second Stanley Cup Finals in three years all they need is one more win against the Penguins. Tonight they have that chance and a chance to sweep the series.

Felger & Mazz started Friday's show discussing this big Game 4 over at the Garden. Will Pittsburgh give the Bruins the same type of game they did in Game 3?

The guy both respect Pittsburgh's talent, but they are unsure what type of game they'll bring tonight.

Do you give the Bruins a large amount of credit if they are able to sweep the Penguins, who were heading into this series heavily favored? Would this be a greater feat than betting the Vancouver Canucks in seven games back in 2011?

Felger & Mazz: What Will The Penguins Bring Tonight?

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