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Felger & Mazz Video: Should The Patriots Trade Jimmy Garoppolo?

BOSTON (CBS) -- Unless Roger Goodell has a change of heart (don't count on it), the Patriots won't have a first-round pick in this year's NFL Draft.

They can't even trade for one, unless it comes after the 29th overall selection the NFL took away as part of its DeflateGate punishment levied on the team.

But if the Patriots could get a few early-round picks or a first-rounder next year for backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, should they do it? Tom Brady is still playing at a high level, and Garoppolo's stock is likely at the highest it will be. Felger & Mazz discussed the possibilities of a Garoppolo deal on Wednesday, and didn't sound very open to a trade unless another team really offers up a bounty for New England's backup.

"I'm a no, because I want them to go forward with Garoppolo and think they've handled the quarterback situation perfectly," said Felger. "They drafted Garoppolo at just the right time to give Brady a goose and get more out of him, and still develop Garoppolo in the meantime. We haven't seen enough from Jimmy Garoppolo to know, but I like philosophically how they've approached it.

"If other teams want to get stupid, I would have to look at it. I'm not looking for a pick this year, because they cant pick higher than 29th unless they do a wink and a nod, post-draft things -- which I'm into too. But if you get a first-round pick from a bad team, or Garoppolo goes to Cleveland and goes 4-12 and you're picking in the Top 10 [next year], you have to consider that," he said.

Mazz is much more reluctant to ship Garoppolo out of town.

"I'm not telling you Garoppolo is untouchable, but in a realistic scenario I'm probably not doing it. I'm not looking to move Garoppolo to get a late first-rounder or early second. That's not enough," he said. "But if the Browns want to do something crazy, knock me over and you have yourself a deal because Brady probably has a few years left. But I'm not doing it just for the sake of doing it. Not just for a late first-round pick."

Garoppolo, who the Patriots drafted in the second-round of the 2014 draft, has completed 20 of his 31 NFL passes with one career touchdown pass.

Catch Felger & Mazz's full discussion in the video above, and check out a few players the Patriots should target in Jim Murray's NFL Draft Minute!



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