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Felger & Mazz Argue Over DeflateGate With David Portnoy Of Barstool Sports

BOSTON (CBS) - "El Pres" David Portnoy of Barstool Sports joined 98.5 The Sports Hub's Felger & Massarotti Tuesday afternoon on Radio Row to give his Boston sports media power rankings and his thoughts on DeflateGate, the latter of which he has a big bone to pick.

Pres is peeved at the two afternoon drive hosts for their perceived bias against the Patriots.

"I'm going to give you guys the chance to get out in front of this. I can't tell whether you're doing it for ratings or if you really believe what you're saying. You're so anti-Patriot, and you've always been anti-Patriot. ... This has turned into the hate show," Portnoy told Felger & Mazz directly.

"No matter what happens, the Patriots could win 1,000 straight games and never get in trouble, and you're looking for any little angle to go at 'em."

Mazz disagrees, and genuinely feels like he's been pretty positive about the team since Week 4 (citing their improved defense among other things), up until this whole ball deflation thing of course.

But Portnoy just doesn't see the moral outrage response and getting all worked up over pounds per square inch.

"You guys are making it sound like it's ethically impossible to root for this team, like you're scarred as a human that cuts you so deep, when the Seahawks are running through PEDs -- but nobody cares about that," said Portnoy, who earlier in the day confronted the Indianapolis report who broke the story.

El Pres debates Felger & Mazz on DeflateGate. (Photo by Michael Hurley/CBS Boston)

"[Bob Kravitz] wouldn't go on camera, but I said to him what about the Colts and pumping in crowd noise? Is that not just as bad? And he [denied it]. So, it's like, honestly. . . it's only the Patriots. I think most of it stems from the hate of Belichick."

Felger & Mazz vs. Portnoy continued for what felt like 10 more rounds, including the new development about the locker room attendant taking the footballs with him inside the bathroom.

"He had to take a leak! You've never had to take a leak? Since when is going to the bathroom a federal investigation?" shouted an impassioned Portnoy.

Portnoy then bashed the league for setting up a sting operation, which Felger & Mazz haven't ruled out as a possibility.

Listen below for the first part of the debate:

Listen below for the second part of the debate:

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