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Felger: Blame Kraft For Goodell -- He Gave Him His Power

BOSTON (CBS) -- After handing down a hefty punishment to Tom Brady and the Patriots on Monday, Roger Goodell and the NFL are now public enemy No. 1 in New England.

Goodell and his cronies suspended Tom Brady for four games, hit the Patriots with a $1 million fine and docked them a pair of draft picks based on the findings of the Wells Report. That investigation into the recent Deflategate controversy concluded it was "more probable than not" that Patriots employees likely tampered with footballs ahead of the AFC Championship game in January, and Brady probably knew about it.

Michael Felger agrees that the punishment is far too harsh based on Wells' report, and agrees that Goodell has been an incompetent commissioner.

"A power-mongering, incompetent boob. A total clown. It's all true," Felger said on Tuesday.

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But there is one important part of the whole Goodell equation that Felger says Patriots fans are forgetting: Robert Kraft.

"How did Roger Goodell get in a position of so much power? How did he get in a situation to yield such powerful incompetence?... You want to know how Roger Goodell got into a position to hose you this week? Your owner," said Felger.

"That's Robert's guy, the guy your team has been telling me for years has been doing a wonderful job, is a great leader of the NFL. I've been hearing that from the Patriots for years. Now he doesn't know what he's doing?" questioned Felger. "Give me a break. How fraudulent can you be?"

Felger points out that Kraft was behind Goodell during the Ray Rice controversy, going on national TV to support him.

"Either Robert Kraft doesn't know what he's talking about – either he's a poor judge of talent, or he wasn't being truthful with us that Goodell knew what he was doing. It's one or the other.

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"Let's spend all day bashing Roger Goodell. Fine. It was a horrible punishment and he's done a ridiculous job. He sucks," said Felger. "But how did he get there and why is he in this position? Because of your team and your owner put him there."

"What goes around comes around," said Mazz.

"Something like that," said Felger. "Let's spend all day ripping Roger Goodell, but let's not forget for a second how he got there, whose support he had more than any other owner in the league.

"Robert put him there."

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