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Family Outraged Beloved Pet Was Euthanized By MSPCA

FRAMINGHAM (CBS) - Laura and Allen Grome say their beloved cat Wishbone has been part of their family for 14 years.

"By the time you realize your cat is even missing he's already dead?" Allen Grome asked. "It just seems like something is not right with the system."

Wishbone was known to freely roam their Framingham neighborhood. He was well loved and loved his family. Whenever little Nicole was sick, Wishbone was there. "When I came home from the hospital, Wishbone was right there by my side," Nicole Grome said.

Laura and Allen Grome
Laura and Allen Grome (WBZ-TV)

Chris Grome said he's had the cat since he was a 4-year old boy. "He was like the only brother I ever had. And not having him I'm missing a part of me almost," Chris Grome said.

Last Wednesday Wishbone went missing. For two days the family searched. That's when Laura was told a new neighbor found Wishbone wandering in her driveway and decided to take him to the MSPCA in Boston because she thought he was a stray. "Use some common sense don't take someone's pet into the city 20 miles away and expect them to have a chance to get him back. They took this cat from this random person and 48 hours they put him down," Laura said.

Chris Grome places flowers where his cat Wishbone is buried (WBZ-TV)

The MSPCA says they cared for Wishbone for two and half days but because Wishbone had no identification and was ill they decided to euthanize him.

"His health care needs were so advanced we wouldn't be able to meet them long term in the animal shelter, we made the situation to euthanize him. It's a terrible situation but one we did the best we could," Rob Halpin of the MSPCA said.

The Grome's said Wishbone got his diabetes shots every day and had a lot of life left in him. "This was a beloved family pet and they are an animal hospital they need to handle a diabetic animal for at least a week and make an attempt to call the town where it came from," Laura Grome said.

Chris and Nicole decided to bury their beloved cat in the backyard. "The cat was such a fighter and well-loved. Everyone loved this cat," Allen Grome said.


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