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Edholm On The Book Of Brady: 'This Was His Best Chapter Yet'

BOSTON (CBS) - The dust has barely settled on the incredible finish to Super Bowl XLIX and New England's fourth Lombardi trophy, but it's never too early to start talking legacies.

Eric Edholm of Yahoo! Sports joined The Adam Jones Show on 98.5 The Sports Hub Monday night to share his thoughts on the topic, but first, his thoughts on the game itself.

"I guess if you're a Seahawks fan, you look at it and say, 'Wow we just got the rug pulled out from under us.' If you're a Patriots fan, you think, 'Woooo! What a save that was! What an incredible Belichickian/Patriots-like play to make with an unheralded guy coming through in the clutch.' If you're a neutral observer you say, 'I hope every Super Bowl is like that,'" Edholm said, putting it perfectly.

"That may have been one of the two or three best Super Bowls of all time in terms of drama, action and everything that led up to that week; DeflateGate, Marshawn Lynch, you know, it all come to play in the last two minutes of the game. Just fantastic drama right there."

Tom Brady 4 Rings
Tom Brady: Four-Time Super Bowl Champion. (Photos by Getty Images)

You're in rarefied air when you've just won your fourth Super Bowl trophy and third big game MVP, but people will always have their opinions as to which quarterback is the best all time.

Edholm shared his take with Adam Jones Monday night.

"Obviously, I think [Brady] has got to be in the first sentence. If you're writing the book on quarterbacks, he's in the first paragraph. He's right there with those guys. He's still got a few chapters left. He said it last night, in his mind there's unfinished business and he's gonna play until he can't play anymore, so I'm hesitant to sort of dot the I and cross the T on his career.

"Not everybody agrees with me, but Brady played a great game, regardless of what Malcolm Butler did. If Butler doesn't make that play and the Seahawks score, Brady played the exact same game he has before; he put his team in a position to win. Even if he lost that game, to me, his legacy would be the same. Winning certainly helps him in the mind of the short sighted, the people only looking at Super Bowl wins and all that.

"In the big picture, it was his best Super Bowl yet. It really was. In my mind, it was better than any of the five before. Fourteen points in the fourth quarter against that defense? Come on, that was just an incredible performance. To do it at this stage of his career, it was his best chapter yet."

Listen below for the full discussion, including Edholm's take on Pete Carroll's goal line play calling, Bill Belichick's legacy and more:

Later on in the show, Jones invited's Eric Frenz onto the show to give his thoughts on the big game.

Listen below!

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