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Driver Follows GPS Into Path Of Commuter Train In Belmont

BELMONT (CBS) - Transit police say a woman followed her GPS right into the path of an oncoming train in Belmont.

GPS crash
The driver said her GPS led her onto these train tracks shortly before the crash. (Photo courtesy: Transit Police)

Officers were called to the Brighton Street railroad crossing Tuesday night after a minivan got stuck on the tracks and a commuter rail train slammed into it.

The driver and her children escaped before the collision and no one was hurt, but the van was destroyed.

The woman, who has not been identified, told police her GPS instructed her to take a right hand turn, which she did.

MBTA police described what happened next in a statement:

"Unfortunately the right hand turn positioned her vehicle onto the railroad tracks, after attempts to drive off the tracks were unsuccessful the driver of the vehicle along with two minor children exited and moved away from the track area to a safe location. Shortly thereafter a MBTA Fitchburg bound commuter rail train struck the vehicle."

The driver was not cited.

There were about 70 passengers on the train. They were picked up by MBTA buses.

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