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Dorchester Teen Becomes Santa For His Family Thanks To Gift Card Present

DORCHESTER (CBS) -- Christmas this year for Dashawn Borden is going to be very different.

The 16-year-old's father was gunned down in front of his Dorchester home back in October, and this is the family's first Christmas without him.

modells Charity Dashawn Borden
Modell's Sporting Goods gave Dashawn Borden a gift card to Christmas shop for his family. (WBZ-TV)

"It's going to be very different. Usually every Christmas my dad would go out of his way for me and my siblings," Borden said.

Due to financial strain, Borden says his family really hasn't had any presents under the Christmas tree in five years.

"Through the past years it's been off . We get a tree and look at it," Borden said.

Dashawn Borden Modells
Dashawn Borden's father was killed by gun violence. (WBZ-TV)

Today, much to his surprise, that's all about to change. Through the Boys And Girls Club of Dorchester and Modell's Sporting Good, Borden picked socks, shirts, boots, sweatshirts, slippers for his siblings and mother.  The teen was given a shopping spree for Christmas.

"This means a lot. This means for the holidays I get to have something to look back on and say I had a really good Christmas," Borden said.

Modell's gave the Dorchester teen a $500 gift card to purchase any items the family needs for Christmas.

dashawn Borden modells
Dashawn Borden picked out all kinds of presents for his family. (WBZ-TV)

"Modells loves to give back to the community and does it all over the country. It's such a good opportunity to give back," Eric Freidberg said.

Though he's thankful for all these gifts, Borden says his parents have taught him the true meaning of Christmas.

"Love comes from the heart not the pocket, and family is the key, that's the motivation," Borden said.


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