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Caught On Camera: Man Hit By Car In Dorchester Crosswalk

BOSTON (CBS) -- Home surveillance video shows a man being struck by a car while trying to cross the street in a crosswalk in Dorchester. The man gets lifted off his feet, onto the hood of the car and then tossed to the ground.

Police say on Wednesday the man was crossing Dorchester Ave and Adams Street. The crosswalk sign said it was safe to cross when he was hit.

The man was conscious and alert but injured his knee and elbow. He is expected to be okay.

Surveillance video catches the moment when a car hit a man walking in a Dorchester crosswalk (Courtesy: Vivian Girard)

"All I can think about it was to get over there and see if he's okay," witness Matt Frank said. "We let him move himself a little bit off to the side while I blocked traffic to make sure no one hit him."

The driver of the car did stop. According to police, she said the man appeared to throw himself in front of her car. She was later cited for driving with a suspended license and for failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

"She was very shaky. But she was also very concerned to make sure people knew that she did not leave the scene," Frank said.

Matt Frank at the scene of the crash (WBZ-TV)

Residents said the area is surrounded by schools, businesses and lot of foot and car traffic. They would like to see more enforcement and more signs put up to make this area safer.

"It's very dangerous because, for one, you have cars merging and sometimes they don't even stop for people," said one woman.

Gene Gorman said, "I'm here all the time and people are running red lights."

Frank, who works in an office above the crash scene, said the area is always busy and everyone needs to be more careful. "It's not as pedestrian friendly as it could be."

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