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Jones: Despite Rift With Kraft, Roger Goodell's Job Not In Jeopardy

BOSTON (CBS) -  Adam Jones opened Tuesday night's show on 98.5 The Sports Hub discussing the fractured relationship between Patriots owner Robert Kraft and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in the aftermath of the league handing down severe punishment for the team's role in the DeflateGate scandal.

Kraft: DeflateGate Punishment 'Far Exceeded' Reasonable Expectation

The Patriots were docked two draft picks -- a 2016 first rounder and 2017 fourth rounder -- and fined $1 million, but the biggest punishment the league issued to New England was a four-game suspension for quarterback Tom Brady for being "generally aware" of the wrongdoing and failing to fully cooperate with Ted Wells and his investigative team.

Brady's agent, Don Yee, said shortly after the suspension was announced that Brady will appeal the NFL's decision. He has until 5pm on Thursday to officially do so.

Peter King: Robert Kraft 'Will Go Rogue On This' And Take NFL To Court

One notion that Jones wanted to address Tuesday night was this idea that the commissioner's job is somehow in jeopardy now that an owner as powerful as Kraft is at odds with Goodell. Jones believes that notion to be false, because while Robert Kraft is a powerful owner -- perhaps the most powerful owner -- he is not more powerful than the other 31 NFL owners combined.

"[Goodell] lost an ally, a big one, but I think he's going to remain commissioner for quite some time. He's making the owners money hand over fist, and I think in general he's been a literal shield for the owners against domestic violence and other high-profile issues with the league, like concussions and all that," said Jones. "He's willing to go up there and take bullets for the owners, so just because Robert Kraft stamps his feet doesn't mean that the other 31 owners want to all of a sudden move on. Goodell is going to need more missteps and piss off other owners before that happens."

Volin: Goodell Sends Message To Other 31 Teams That He Doesn't Play Favorites With Patriots

While fans might enjoy Goodell's departure (especially here in New England), co-host Rich Keefe points out that after the year he's had -- with players like Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy giving the league a huge black eye -- a scandal involving Tom Brady will ultimately not be Goodell's undoing.

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