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CDC Warns Hunters That Deer Can Transmit Tuberculosis Bacteria To Humans

ATLANTA (CBS) – The Centers for Disease Control has a warning for deer hunters about tuberculosis. A report shared by the agency this month detailed how a man is believed to have contracted the disease in 2017 after dressing a deer.

The 77-year-old from Michigan had no known exposure to anyone with tuberculosis, but he had been regularly hunting and field-dressing deer for the past 20 years. There were also two hunting-related tuberculosis infections in the state in 2002 and 2004.

Tests showed that the 77-year-old was exposed to mycobacterium bovis, which is found in deer, cattle, bison and elk. It's believed that the bacteria can be inhaled while the deer is field-dressed.

Now the CDC is telling hunters to "use personal protective equipment while field-dressing deer."

Deer-hunting season is getting underway in many parts of the country.

In Massachusetts, youth deer hunt day is set for Saturday. Archery season begins Oct. 7, and shotgun season starts in December.

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