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David Ross: Jon Lester Has 'A Special Place In His Heart For Boston'

David Ross is currently on the disabled list due to a torn plantar fascia, but with two young catchers on the staff, he's maintaining a very busy schedule. That includes his weekly chat with Toucher & Rich on Thursday morning.

The first topic of conversation was the flurry of trades that took place before the deadline, moves that reshaped the roster. With regard to the return the Red Sox got, Ross spoke highly of Yoenis Cespedes.

"It stinks when you look like me with my shirt off, and then he takes his shirt off in the locker room. This guy is shredded," Ross said of Cespedes. "He can flat-out run and throw, and he's a good combination outfielder. ... That outfield's going to be something special when [Shane Victorino] gets back."

As for losing Lester, with whom Ross had formed a solid relationship on and off the field, the catcher said it's always tough to say farewell to a friend.

"We were able to say our goodbyes, and hopefully see you around kind of thing," Ross said of the day Lester was traded. "It's weird, baseball's funny like where you're really, really close, and then somebody gets traded and you may never talk to them again. It was one of those things, you're happy for him but again, sad to lose a friend and a great player."

Ross was asked if he thinks it might be possible for Lester to return to Boston via free agency.

"I think he has a special place in his heart for Boston, for sure," Ross said. "He grew up here -- why wouldn't he? And then his family, and there's a lot of history with him and the Red Sox. So I wouldn't put it past him. I know free agency is a crazy thing, but I definitely feel like it's probably an option."

With John Lackey saying that he's willing to play next season for $500,000 in St. Louis, Ross was asked if he ever noticed Lackey being unhappy in Boston.

"No. No. Not in my time here. One of the best teammates I've ever had," Ross stated. "I think it's his professionalism. He's a good person, one. He comes to work every day with a smile on his face and enjoys working hard and enjoys his teammates and enjoys being around the guys. He talks baseball, you learn from him. He's got a lot to teach in this game, he's done a lot. And then when he takes the mound, he puts his heart and soul out there on the line for his teammates. He goes as hard as he can. What a great competitor. I can't say enough good things about the guy."

Ross also talked about Jonny Gomes, Christian Vazquez, MLB's collision rules, and more. Listen below:

David Ross


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