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Daily Talker: Stacked Seating

It might seem as if airlines have left no space unused in their efforts to cram as many people as possible into planes, but one aircraft maker is demonstrating that's far from true.

Airbus, one of the top aircraft manufacturers, has designed a new way of seating passengers that will undoubtedly cheer profit-minded airlines while sending shudders of horror through even the most even-tempered customers.

In Airbus' vision, passengers will be stacked on top of each other, with a second level of seats above the heads of those seated on the floor.

To be sure, the plans, which were filed with the the European Patent Office, may not ever become a reality, but they nevertheless demonstrate the desire among airlines to maximize profit at the expense of passenger comfort.

The patent includes several options for using the overhead space in the cabin, including some seats that would recline and allow passengers to lie down during the flight. That wouldn't be so bad, except the passengers below might need to watch out for falling pillows or water bottles.

What do you think of Airbus' new designs for stacked seating on airlines?

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