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Daily Talker: Globe Publishes Fake Front Page About Trump Presidency

Donald Trump making headlines for criticizing the headlines. The Republican front-runner slamming the Boston Globe over their fake front page. On Sunday, the Globe's editorial staff put together a satirical paper with their take on what it might look like if Trump was elected President. The mock headline declared "Deportations to Begin." It also included articles on the collapse of the financial system and new legislation targeting "absolute scum" in the press. Trump responded Sunday saying, "How 'bout that stupid Boston Globe. It's worthless. It sold for a dollar. Did you see that story? The whole front page. They made up a story that Trump, they pretended Trump is the president. And they made up the whole front page is a make believe story. Which is really no different from the whole paper, the whole thing." The Globe editorial editor says the whole thing is based on Trump's own words, "We quoted him verbatim repeatedly and so the fact that he doesn't recognize or is dismissive of the stories that we wrote makes me wonder." What do you think of the Globe's fake front page?

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