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Daily Talker: Brain Surgery On Live TV



This Sunday, TV history will be made on National Geographic Channel. It will broadcast the brain surgery of an actual patient on live TV.

The two-hour show, called "Brain Surgery Live", will be hosted by Bryant Gumbel.

The show will give viewers a look at a deep brain stimulation surgery, which involves drilling a small hole in the skull to attach electrodes to the brain.

More than a dozen cameras will film neurosurgeons as they implant electrodes deep in the brain of 49-year-old Greg Grindley, hoping to halt severe tremors caused by Parkinson's disease

The patient is awake during such a procedure and is able to speak during the operation, which allows the doctors to know if they have accessed the correct area of the brain.

The show producers say they are taking their cues from the medical team and will not interfere in any way with the operation.

"They are telling us what to do," said National Geographic executive producer Mike Miller. He said the surgeons can terminate the broadcast at any time, even "two minutes in."

What do you think of a man's brain surgery being broadcast on live TV this Sunday?  Will you watch?

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