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'I Am Deeply Sorry:' Killer Who Randomly Shot Mother In Taunton Park Pleads For Parole

NATICK (CBS) – A convicted killer is asking for freedom nearly 20 years after he murdered a Taunton mother. George Powers was just 16 in 2000 when he shot and killed Lisa Costa, while she was holding her grandson.

"I did pull the trigger," Powers said in a parole hearing on Tuesday. "I am here today accepting responsibility for that."

His victim's daughters took the stand to ensure he stays behind bars.

"My mom was shot and murdered in front of my eyes while playing in the park with me, my sister and nephew," said Marquee Savoy, Costa's daughter.

Two families were present at the hearing; one fighting to keep their loved one's killer behind bars, and the other trying to convince the parole board that the person responsible has been rehabilitated.

George Powers
George Powers (WBZ-TV)

"Lisa Costa's family will plead for the life that was taken and will likely beg you for more punishment," said Joshua Davignon, Powers' brother. "My family will plead for the life that is still here and holds potential."

In 2015 the parole board unanimously denied Powers' request for parole - stating that he had not progressed in his rehabilitation.

"For her family, I know and understand that I took from them their guiding light and brought about untold sorrow," Powers said. "I am deeply sorry to them."

Powers' mother tearfully delivered a statement of remorse to Costa's daughters. "Until the day I die I will always be asking myself what if," she said. "I will be praying for those girls."

The statement provided little comfort to Costa's daughters.

"I will always have that dark, empty feeling inside because they will never meet their beautiful grandmother," Marquee Savoy said.

It could take months before the parole board makes a decision. In the meantime, the family has two weeks to submit any additional family impact statements.

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