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Colts' Head Coach Frank Reich Believes Tom Brady's 'Still Playing At A Super, Super High Level'

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Indianapolis Colts could have tried to sign Tom Brady this offseason, but they did not. Instead, the Colts went after -- and signed -- veteran QB Philip Rivers.

Considering the circumstances, one might reasonably assume that the Colts looked at Tom Brady's tape and didn't like what they say. According to head coach Frank Reich, though, that's not at all the case.

"We did look at all the guys, and I will tell you that I looked at [Brady's] tape. The guy is incredible," Reich told reporters Tuesday on a conference call, per USA Today. "I mean, I watched all of his tape from the last two years. I think he's still playing at a super, super high level. We know he's the best of all time for a reason [with] as many championships as he's won. I mean, he still threw a couple balls in games, I'm saying, 'How's this guy throwing this ball this far?' He's incredible."

Interestingly, the Colts never really pursued Brady. It's possible that Brady let it be known that the Colts weren't going to be a real consideration for him, considering the whole matter of lobbing an accusation at the quarterback in an effort to damage his reputation and kind of ruin his career five years ago.

Nevertheless, on a direct level, despite the Colts' lack of pursuit of Brady, Reich still holds Brady in the highest regard.

"I have the utmost respect for him as a player and competitor," Reich said. "For us, we got the guy we thought was the right fit for us, but this is a guy who I respect and admire immensely, obviously along with everybody else."

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