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Young Ferry Passenger Interrupts Coast Guard Mission With Laser Pointer

WOODS HOLE (CBS) – When one of the Island Home Ferry's trips from Martha's Vineyard pulled in to Woods Hole on Thursday night, the Coast Guard was there.

"The boat that was underway – they had their mission underway, and it was interrupted by a laser," Petty Officer Zachary Hupp.

The Coast Guard said it was investigating the laser that interrupted its mission. That laser came from the Island Home Ferry.

"I think it puts so many people in danger, and it's not a smart thing to do," said one concerned person.

The Island Home Ferry. (WBZ-TV)

Around 8 p.m., a ferry passenger shined a green laser pointer at the bridge of one of the small coast guard vessels.

"Any type of laser or light that is shone into the cabin is going to impact the crew," Hupp said.

Passengers were not allowed to get off the boat until the responsible person was found. They were delayed for a short time until a young boy confessed.

"It puts our crews in danger, and it puts the boating public in danger, too, if the crew is unable to respond if they are impacted by something like this. It is a safety hazard all the way around," Hupp said.

The Coast Guard said this was an isolated incident, but it was referred to Coast Guard Investigative Services.

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