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Christopher Columbus Statue At Boston Park Vandalized With 'Black Lives Matter'

BOSTON (CBS) – A Christopher Columbus statue in Boston's North End was vandalized Monday with red paint and the phrase "Black Lives Matter."

Red paint was poured over the top of the statue on Monday night, while Black Lives Matter was sprayed on the back using black paint.

Columbus Vandalized
A Christopher Columbus statue was vandalized in Boston's North End. (Image Credit: reported that the paint was power washed off the white marble statue on Tuesday morning.

The Boston Parks and Recreation Department asked visitors to the park to respect city property.

"The Parks Department has hundreds of statues and monuments throughout our 331 properties.  As soon as one is damaged or has graffiti, the Parks Department responds immediately to try to clean and/or repair it as we did at Christopher Columbus Park this morning," officials said. " We ask that all park users continue to show respect for these important historical markings."

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