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Celani: Ainge, Celtics Broke The Cardinal Rule Of Sales

BOSTON (CBS) - Waking up this morning as a Celtics fan is a petri dish of emotions, but the one feeling that sticks out the most is confusion.

By now you're probably aware of the picks made by Boston. A team that entered the summer loaded with guards spent three of their four 2015 draft picks ... on guards. That makes 10 total on the current roster.

Admittedly I'm not a huge college basketball fan (except for my Friars). I don't know Terry Rozier from Terry Crews. So I guess my biggest problem is not with the players, but with the team promising something more.

The Celtics continue to break the cardinal rule of sales, and that is don't oversell and under-deliver.

Why oh why do they still do this? It's not fair to the fans, and certainly not fair to the four players that were just picked, who now have to live up to unrealistic expectations in a city not known for its forgiveness.

Now I know what you're thinking. It takes two to tango and Give Danny Ainge credit for showing restraint and It's not the team's job to be salesmen.

I'm guessing the season ticket holders don't feel the same way:

On last Saturday's Celtics @ 7, director of player personnel Austin Ainge told Adam Kaufman "we will be active" on draft night, adding, "whether that is moving up, moving out, trading for players or future picks – all of those are options."

Except they didn't do any of that. They didn't move up, move out, trade for players or future picks.

Just a few days later Austin's dad Danny, Boston's president of basketball operations, made similar proclamations, and made it clear to reporters that they were looking to move up from pick No. 16 and into the top 10.

As we know, that didn't happen either. This all comes after team owner Wyc Grousbeck's bold assertion last summer that there will be "fireworks."

Instead of fireworks, Celtics fans keep getting snakes and sparklers.

I understand it's not easy being fourth fiddle in a town of winners, and you have to make headlines any way that you can, but I don't see how promising Ferraris and bringing in Tercels does any good.

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